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[email protected] DLere wrote:

However, I stand by my impression taht you guys are ezmode all the way.  In my last raiding guild, if you couldn't go in because we couldn't fit you in the group, you got to hang out in guild chat and hope a spot opened up inside the instance group.  No spot, no run.  No run, no loot.  No being in the raid group, cause the servers lock the group out if it has more people in it than the size allows.  No rolling on anything you didn't help down.  I don't know.  Maybe I need to get myself up a bit more and see what raiding here really looks like.  Right now it sounds really fail.  And I thought that badge gear was bad.

There are guilds that operate that way, but the problem is that they can end up running with thin rosters. If a sit-out can't earn DKP and bid on xmute loot (drops that no one in the raid wants, and would just be transmuted) then there's really not much of a motivation for them to stick around; it happens a few times, and you can start losing members, particularly with a lot of raiding guilds actively looking to poach players.

One way to think of it is a like a job offering. Two companies are offering you about the same salary, but one is also offering you all the perks; good health insurance, sick time, plenty of vacation and bonuses. The other tells you "No work, no pay. No benefits. Buy your own health insurance, if you're sick, it's on your own dime". Which company are you going to go work for? Anyone with a brain would pick the company that offers additional benefits and bonuses.

The same deal with raiding guilds. They use things like sit-out DKP and bidding rules as a recruiting tool and "perk" to encourage players to join their guild, sign up for raids and even if they're told to sit, they don't feel bad about it like they're missing out. Most guilds who don't do this will lose players to those who do.

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