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Really, where did this start?  You couldn't pull this in any other game I've ever played.  Even WoW disallows this kind of behavior, and it's gone total ezmode.  Even this shard gear sounds a bit ezmode to me.  I thought that the raiders here were supposed to be a cut above.  And you get geared by sitting back and letting the other raiders fight while all you do is roll on drops?  Pft.  How do you learn the fights?  How do you master the strategies?  Sheesh, even my old raiding guild on WoW had me fighting in the instances if I wanted a chance at the drop, if it dropped something I could use, if we didn't failwipe.


And what did you do when 38 people showed up for your 36 man zone?  Kick 2 people to the curb and say sorry, no dkp, no chance at loot, maybe next time you'll get something?

This policy has been a consistent part of raiding as far back as I can remember into eq1. 

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