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Kordran wrote:

CoLD MeTaL wrote:

They are EXACTLY the same thing.

I can farm palladium clusters, and spongy loams and then buy top end raid gear.  Loot rights are actually much much more of an exploit because you can get wayyyyyyy better lewts with even less risk.

As you will notice, most of the people who say it isn't are saying, "Don't take my exploit away"   (Don't screw my guild by removing my exploit)

No, they're not the same thing because someone has put forth the effort (and taken the "risk") to actually kill that mob. While I'm not a fan of selling loot rights and mythical updates, it's not correct to say that it's the same exploiting a zone to turn all of the mobs grey so that you can easily complete missions to farm shards and get AA. Don't conflate the two issues, they're completely separate things.

If SOE could come up with a method that prevented groups/guilds from selling loot rights, zone access and mythical updates without screwing over legitimate use by players and raiding guilds, then I'd be all for it. One potential method would be for the game to track who was actively killing the mob (for any period of time, to account for linkdeads in the middle of a fight) and only allow those players to loot from the chest who either participated in the kill. If you go linkdead before a fight and your group pulls without you, and then you come back before the mob is looted, then I guess you're just out of luck. The real problem is how to handle sit-outs in a raid. And this has nothing to do with "laziness", but basic fairness to players who signed up for a raid and are then asked to sit by the raid leader.

Ok I'll bite,  So you state that if someone has put forth the effort and taken the risk isn't an exploit.  Then why can't someone craft t1 armor with there shards for another char anymore?  Because that was an exploit.

See the biggest issue here is a Dev used the term exploit,  I was in beta as were several others.  Beta had it's own forums which now are wiped so we cannot refference them.  Gray shard runs were expressed in beta, the devs response on it was "Working as intended" when asked to clarify further they stated it was that way so toons who were too [Removed for Content] or couldn't get groups could progress.  Really that's all there is to it, but since we cannot reference that post and a dev used the term "exploit" everyone is up in arms.

I wonder how many raiders are bent over this that used exploits in there raids to kill mobs.  It's like the SUV moms who hate smokers cause there polluting the atmosphere yet there SUV is more destructive than 3 smokers.

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