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CoLD MeTaL wrote:

Noaani wrote:

CoLD MeTaL wrote:

They are EXACTLY the same thing.

Here's where the distinction is:

With selling loot rights, a group or raid puts in the effort/time/risk in order to get the item to drop, and what happens to that item once it enters the game is up to them.

With gray shards, a player removes the effort/time/risk element from ever having happened, and is still wanting the same reward.

Paying someone else to put in the effort on your behalf is capitalism, trying to remove any traces of effort is not.

Ah but the NO-TRADE flag is meant  to not allow the selling of the piece FOR ANY CURRENCY (including DKP etc), ie it is an exploit.  It is still receiving something for no personal risk.

I realize if we go by SOE's definition of what an exploit is, then as usual they will favor the raiding community and allow yours but kill the casuals.  that is standard operating procedure for them.

Why does NO-TRADE mean that? Where is that stated?  You can also interpret it to mean that you cannot auction house the item, which is true.

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