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First of all, show me who did the solo lines and solo zones and weren't at least close to 95 after the increased xp

Second tell me how many hours you think it should take to level cap (since apparently this is the bar we are measuring overleveled mentored grinding time against)

I'm not just making up that there are two options at that point.  You either make the old content heroic kill xp grinding take longer than that, your or reduce the time to cap the expansion in the first place.  There is no other 'solution' to you complaint.

You say that new content should give more exp than old content... WELL IT DOES.

Show me the old content solo questlines that give better xp.  Show me the old contetn solo instances that are faster to level.

No... you can't.  Thats right, you can mentor down to a certain level and go to specific areas where your version 8 character can destory version 4 content designed for a group.  You can kill it solo 10x faster than it was balanced for an entire group to take.  Congrats...

THAT is the content you are comparing the solo content 'that should give better xp' to.

It simple... if you want to put the minimum amount of time in to get to 95, then you should grind mentored down overlelved heroic zones solo.  If you aren't all OCD about level capping in 2 days then you can enjoy a week of leveling and doing quests for the only expansion we will have for the next 52 weeks.

Don't BS me with 'wanting to enjoy the questline', your post is obvious... you want to level fast and you have that option.  Which I'm totally fine with.  Lets not ruin the flow of new content (which you obviously just want to 'get past' anyway)  to fit the broken (actually just outdated and left derelict) experience gain due to old game mechanics.  If people want to super fast lvl grind, you can.

I said before nerfing the kill xp from grinding heroic content THAT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE SOLOED THAT FAST is only one option.  The other is to say that since you can go from 90-92 in 2 runs of lvl 80 mentored down runs of chelsith in 4hrs (a VERY conservative estimate) - that you should cap out the expansion after one short night of doing the solo line.

Those are sony's options for addressing your 'concern'.

P.S. If you still don't understand what I'm saying, and really want to draw a comparison, imagine people complaining about solo quests or current raids raids not giving a single person as much plat as people can earn from running some mentored down, outlevled, old world content with a smaller group (or solo)

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