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Here is a hint Raveen (and you others who just don't get it)... which zones to people currently do for the super fast 'grinding' that eveyrone is crying is sooooo much 'better' to do than actual content?

Think that might be related to why 'ever since RoK' questing has been 'too slow' by comparison?

Truth is that stat inflation, the stat change in SF (consolidation and sta to HP math), there wasn't anything like crit bonus, or potency, to say NOTHING about 600% multiattack at the time... basically it was not so easy for anyone to go and super-murder yellow heroics in half a second which increased dramatically after TSO.

I know I keep posting the same thing in these beta forums, but you people have no idea how dumb the argument about questing not being 'worth it' compared to grinding overlevled heroic zones as mentored down solo for leveling... really is.

You L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y are telling sony to either nerf heroic mob kill xp (or increase mentor xp reduction pct), or make it so that you can level cap after doing 20% of the new content they are adding to the game.

Be careful what you are ask for...

At least in the current setup you have an option

If the complaint was that you've done all of the solo lines, solo instances, and group instances once and are still only at 94 or whatever and have to grind over and over to cap... then you have a point.

But thats really not what I hear from most of the whiners around here.  Its 'why would I do the new content, if I can run to Chelsith mentored down to 80 and get xp 10x faster' - which is a dumb argument to make (unless you want combat xp nerfed - because they aren't going to create a hundred new quests, and instances that people outlevel 1/5 of the way though)

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