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[email protected]_old wrote:

My feedback: I don't get it... what's the point of this zone? There's no loot, there's no quest, there doesn't seem to be any point to do it except to get a few % of exp per run.

It is easy, you can skip 80% of the mobs. I cleared the zone in less than 15 minutes. I was able to pull 2-5 encounters at a time and AE them. I pulled Venekor without killing any of the trash between Phobis and him. All the eyes agro'd me, but some broke before getting there. I was still able to easily kill Venekor and all the eyes that added.

When I finished I was just like "Ok... that was pointless."

I'm guessing the loot table hasn't been put in yet.

It's a fun (quick if you are raid geared) zone to do solo.  I was able to quickly and easily do the zone on my raid geared Mystic.  I then took my Fury in.  I took off all her raid gear and equipped her in just the bauble bag items that she got in the mail.  Even with her SS inquis merc, it took a bit to kill the mobs and I had to keep hots going on the names, but it was still fun and not overly difficult.  I would say it's perfect for casual players looking for a fun solo zone.

I would say that even on a raid geared toon, once the loot table is put in, it will be worth running just for the transmutable items, and for something quick and easy to do. 

Edit to add: And putting Venekor in to fight at the end was really cool.  SMILEY

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