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Okay, done.  I couldn't figure out how to make it add the files or cut and paste from the in-game window, but I did find the same form on the web site.  I added my MSinfo32 and dxdiag text files with the "add files" button on the bottom of the form.  I will pm you the reference number.  It might be worth mentioning here that so far, the problem seems to only be occurring in the city of Freeport itself, and only while I am moving, not while standing still.  The similar crashing problems I have had were also in cities, never outside of them.  It occurred to me that, since I have had this installed on my computer since it was in the beta testing before it went live, I might have old files mucking things up.  What old files in particular should I check for?

Edit:  I just had the same issue happen in Neriak, also.  If I recall correctly, I have had that issue in Neriak before, but nowhere near the frequency that it is happening in Freeport city.

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