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I have had crashing problems with EQ2 for quite some time now, but it usually hits only once an hour or so.  Today I got onto my dark elf who was in Freeport.  I had not played the character for quite some time.  I experienced a crash about 10 minutes into playing the character, and while on that character I continue to experience the crash every 10 minutes or so.  I have verified my files in the patcher, as well as checking my video drivers and dx9 files.  Here is the really odd part:  the error message I am getting is not one I have seen before (that I can recall).  Here is the exact message:  "Everquest II has detected an unrecoverable error and must shutdown.  G:liveeq2frameworkcoredevicesDirectX9RenderDevice. cpp (3400): DirectX Error. (E_OUTOFMEMORY) 00b095e2"  I do not understand why it is referring to a "G" drive at all, since I do not have a G drive.  Can anyone interpret this for me please?

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