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I'm going to give you some different answers from Ringle. 

1.  For the purposes of leveling, a dirge solos just as well as a swashbuckler and maybe even better; because they can run faster, getting from questgiver to mob and back a lot quicker.  Frankly, since the addition of all the soloing lines, there is never a need to kill anything hard.  Therefore, the swashbuckler's advantage of higher dps and better survivability (stuns and such) is not necessary, and does not come into play.  If you wanted to level by farming heroics, then yes, a swashbuckler (or brigand) would be more effective. 

2. Ringle is mostly right on this one.  You will have better luck forming groups if 1. you start the group, and 2. you take any class.  Honestly the original game heroic content can be completed by 2+ players, if they are geared in appropriate level mastercrafted, because of the AAs and vast improvement in gear quality over what the original game was designed for.  So if you try to form a group and you are not picky on class, then you will likely have good luck in putting a group together, depending on server.

3-4. Dirge is able to do things on his own effectively if geared well and has enough AAs.  It's harder to kill tough (heroic) mobs, but doable.  To kill a heroic solo, then the dirge will have to kite.  As long as the mob isn't immune to snare, doesn't snare or stun you, and you don't get an add, you will win.  Dirges do have a couple of tools to make kiting easier, such as two snares, a stun (two if you use a shield), and a short duration root (bow attack). 

If you like being utility, then a dirge is a good fit.  You might also consider troub, as they have a mez and short duration charm that helps them to solo tougher mobs a bit easier than dirge does.  I haven't played troub though so can't give you much more details than that.  Once you  get to max level you probably won't have a problem getting a group, but there are a LOT of dirges out there, so take that into consideration depending on the population on your server.

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