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Orthureon wrote:

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latesttoon wrote:

fighting a shaman + cleric/druid in a stacked group with a good tank is hard enough without resists. With resists, 2 evenly stacked groups would never kill each other.

The issue is for tanks, there is jack all they can do to take less spell damage.  And since mitigating damage is one of their core compendencies, the lack of a resist mechanic is infuriating at best.

Well when I was a Paladin it was quite a bit easier, though it still required a ton of luck...and curing. With the cure it could cut the dps down and remove Storming Tempest (which is completely op), coupled with 30% damage reduction from Devout Sacrament and 20% from Legionnaire's Conviction. And large heals. I think they are truly the only tanks equipped to at the very least survive a surprise attack from a caster.

pumice stone .. no more magi shielding or manashield and a variety of defensive buffs .. mages become the butter they were supposed to be 

also, resists really need to be brought back to a more reasonable level - or A level even ^^

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