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 So as some people know level 70 pvp is on the rise. We all know that beastlords are overpowered, and SOE will never do anything about it. I have a lvl 70 fury that I use in that teir. I have lost some fights and have won some and I know that comes with pvp. I have fought almost every class at lvl 70. Besides chanters and SK's I can fight any other class in DPS stance. I had a 1v1 with a 70 Beastlord in mara earlier. I was in heal stance, I popped my preheals and a stiffle immunity and began dpsing, and back to healing and so on. My heals had no chance in keeping up at all. Now I have all EOF raid armor and jewelery. 700 ability mod and 100% cast speed. He was hitting me for like 7K a primal. Do people just play the OP classes in each tier because they want the easy road? I just think it makes you look like a scrub when you have to play classes that are crazy overpowered just because you know that if you picked up a normal class you would get rolled.

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