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I started played EQ2 on PvE launch and again on PvP launch years ago. I quit several years back when SoE ended level locking through forced PvP experience, introduced AA caps, and forced a bunch of other changes on an active player base with damaging consequences. But it looks like they've started to come around.

Here's my beef, as a level locked pvp'r, the level 38-45 gear is all sorts of messed up. The T5 raid gear still has awesome procs, but the raw stats are terrible. SoE followed suit in the MMORPG carebear nerfing of stats (meaning stats are 2 dimennsional now, as opposed to always providing specific and disinctive benefits, which I think is really unfortunate), but SoE didn't take the time to revamp gear in a meaningful way. Now, treasured or MC gear have better raw stats than some of the T5 raid drops. 

Please revamp T5 raid gear to make the stats (Primary, STA, modifiers) appropriate or introduce a new mechanism similar to reforging that allows players to adjust raw stats (e.g. change WIS to STR).

Even worse, SoE discontinued legacy PvP gear with AMAZING stats (lvl 40 -45). Not only does this gear have better raw stats than any other gear in this level range, it also has PvP modifiers. I have a 43 SK with full T5 fabled (Shimmering Star Breastplate, Vox's 1h mace with group stifle proc, etc. etc.) and I played a legacy locked toon whose entire jewelery items were legacy pvp and it was a joke - he crushed me (SK vs SK and SK vs Warden)

Please bring back level 40-45 pvp gear or remove it from the game. It's not fun to play against locked toons that are way stronger than you and there's nothing (literally nothing) you can do to become as strong as them.



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