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Sasquatch wrote:

The cost of t2 and t3 pvp gear is being reduced to make way for t4. So I wasted about 80k tokens. Low blow.

I don't think you get it.... there is NEW T1, T2 and T3 PvP gear for levels 91-95.  The new T1 and T2 are worse then the old (current) T3... but the new T3 is an upgrade to the old T3.   The old and new gear are not link to eachother.  And by old I mean 3 months old.  The cost looked to be the same... around 500, 1.2k and 4k per piece.

... unless I'm missing something, that's what I saw on the PvP merchant.

Having the current T3 gear will help you earn the new stuff better... but I know I'm not waisting any more Havoc tokens on this current gear.  There is really not point or reason to.  Stock up and buy it all at expansion release.

The PvP issues are known and will be worked on "when time allows".


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