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supergalaktik wrote:

Hi guys, is it still worth making a toon on Nagafen? With the low player numbers and what not, is there any pvp left in any tier? I don't want to BG and I think WF's are a bit fruity. 

To be honest the only people I see out PVPing are the ones with all T3 PVP gear or close to it, or insane raid gear. Most people don't like to PVP for the sake of just fighting other people.

I never see someone and say "oh my temps/or hard hittings CAs are down, or wow my gear sucks. I better not attack that guy". I just attack and take a chance.

I digress, most people don't follow that logic. They need the best gear, AA, all masters etc before they engage; and just to be certain numbers on their side wouldn't hurt either. Most people don't engage, run away or just don't even look for PVP anymore. It is sad really.


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