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fighting a shaman + cleric/druid in a stacked group with a good tank is hard enough without resists. With resists, 2 evenly stacked groups would never kill each other.

The issue is for tanks, there is jack all they can do to take less spell damage.  And since mitigating damage is one of their core compendencies, the lack of a resist mechanic is infuriating at best.

Yes very good point. on my Shadowknight I can hold my own against other melee classes and T1 scouts. But as soon as a spell caster comes along I am pretty much dead, especially a Warlock or Wizard with Manashield. Well unless I am lucky and have all my survival temps up. IE Crusader's faith, Death March, Legionnaire's Conviction, Divine Aura and Shadowknight's Furor (for increased damage output). And chain my knockbacks together, then it is still a game of me praying that I can interrupt them enough and hope their Manashield is down. Other casters I have a slightly better chance.

Heh of all my fighters, my SK is most equiped to survive a caster, and even then its not so awesome most of the time.  Try it on dare I say a guard.  But yes, tanks only being 'tanky' to physical attacks is in my opinion a big 'gap' in eq2 pvp.

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