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Orthureon wrote:

latesttoon wrote:

if they do fix resists, some groups with 2 healers will be unkillable.. and fights will last as long as someone goes LD.

They should just stop low lvl items working in high lvl pvp.. example.. lvl 43 fear/stifle proc gear.

also... Adding randomness like lots of resists means less player influenced wins/losses.. you then may aswell have all the CC and other Proc gear working if you want randomness... 

Healers are nearly invincible as it stands, adding resists will only help serve the other classes more.

On my Ranger when I get hit with every single spell someone casts - WITHOUT A CHANCE TO RESIST IT - and I miss a clothie (or they dodge) I get peeved. Especially when I have 25% PVP strikethrough and accuracy, with around 690 in my weaponskills.  Also, using gracelessness poison. on top of leading off with Snipe then Crippling Shot; total of around 150 defense reduction for the three.

I invest all this money and time into buying poisons, arrows with hit chance, reforging, and weaponry adornments so I can just do my job. Which is to DPS, but all this money is spent to prevent me missing every third CA on cloth wearing classes.

i know what you are saying.. maybe vs a mage with a melee you are missing some hits but they are hitting all... (although your CA's shouldnt miss much)..

but.. what i am saying, is that if healers are "almost invincible now" as you say.. then adding resists to mages will make the healers even more invincible..

fighting a shaman + cleric/druid in a stacked group with a good tank is hard enough without resists. With resists, 2 evenly stacked groups would never kill each other.

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