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Gealaen_Gaiamancer wrote:

Leave Nagafen BG access alone--playing with Naggy folks (and killing them when they're on op force) is fun.


Want to liven up 'open world' PVP on Nagafen?  Get rid of the current instance paradigm.  It makes sense to spin up extra versions of a zone when a lot of people want in (like the starting cities and overland hubs when they're still the current popular expansion) ... so do the same with instanced dungeons.  Instead of only allowing 6 or 24 people in to each instance, allow at least one rival group or raid in, too.  Your team want those named mobs?  Get there over the other team's bodies.  Maybe have multiple starting points per dungeon so that the separate teams can jockey for position, lay ambushes, try to evade, etc.  Discuss.

Lol...battlegrounds ARE the instance paradigm...

You have 9 other servers from which to source battlegrounds drones, & your mere, lavish want for Nagafenians is supposed to justify the ruining of Nagafen's overland PvP community, that of which hundreds have had ample nostalgia, favor, & anxiety for?

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