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Knee2U wrote:

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The lack of contested PvE objectives is killing PvP, nothing else.


This is exactly right.  SOE killed eq2 openworld pvp when it made the decision that overland was to be solo and heroic and raids were to be instanced.  SOE openworld pvp has been in a deathsprial ever since.  It simply will not improve until soe gets pve folk back into the world and out of the instances.  Hell, if soe made travel a little tougher - got rid of the "calls" and "flags" and made people use the spires, bells and boats as in the old day - you would see more open world pvp.

As an aside, as soe has repeatedly shown no willingness to fix this, why are you guys still here?

I think you'll note a lot of players in this thread (& also just going by the weak "server activity blocks" on EQ2Players) no longer play actively (myself included) & have posted to represent sustained, last-ditch hope in SOE not being developmentally disabled.

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