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Battlegrounds were empty for months and the PvP on Nagafen wasn't any better than it is now. Removing BGs would have no effect on open world PvP. The lack of contested PvE objectives is killing PvP, nothing else. Whoever at SoE makes the decision of putting better loot into instances than in the loot tables of contested monsters is killing the PvP on Nagafen.

That is absolutely far too simplistic a generalization.

It's an untoppable fact that battlegrounds & warfields provide an EASYMODE GUARANTEE which ABSOLUTELY DETRACTS from PURSUING THE OVERLAND HUNT.

In their current form, they're unacceptable for allowing healthy contested PvP to thrive.

Current PvP gear will retain its desirability for a long time due to solo-/heroic-oriented players who desire raid quality gear.

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