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  So with the new addition of the havoc marks being heirloom there have been many token farmers in all three warfields. These people log in get flagged and then one of three things happens.

1- They go to a remote area of the zone and afk, or drown themselves in the water and stay dead.

2- They ride the in zone mounts the entire warfield to avoid pvp.

3- They log out and log back in right before warfields end to claim there tokens.

  SOE, I am begging you to do something about this. I mean there has to be something you can do. You have been working on trying to give us a better pvp system. Well make it harder for people to avoid pvp. Here are some thoughts.

Disable in zone mounts during warfields

During warfields make it to where if your hit by a player it puts you in combat.

Sprint should use more power in pvp combat.

Once you are first flagged for warfields you cannot zone or camp for five minutes.

Force respawns so people cannot just remain dead.

In warfields immunity should be dropped to 30 seconds.

And the more kills you get the more you are rewarded at the end.

I would like to hear more thoughts from the pvp community.

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