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crazyeyes321 wrote:

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crazyeyes321 wrote:

Im not entirely sure that at this point, even if soe GAVE everyone the best pvp gear and max lvl/aas, that people would leave the bgs and go out and fight each other.

The biggest problem I see is the massive amounts of rediculous skill/stat/proc bloating that the game has now.  Fights really aren't that fun anymore, nor are they really strategic.  This problem can only get worse though as the game progresses, unless they come out with an expansion that puts people in an alternate reality naked and the cycle begins anew.

...? there should never be a premise of just giving everyone gear & i dunno why you felt that was a relevant comment

...gear is usually the prime incentive for engagement, especially with the pvp rank system again being a failure, on top of no seasonal pvp rank leaderboards/rewards & the like.

there isn't much stat bloating with the caps as they are aside from STA/HP

& i agree fights take less skill & are less fun with more run & gun brought about by continued, unwarranted nerfs to crowd control/utility.

My point was that originally, it was BGs were to help people gear up faster so they could open world pvp.  However, that really is not the case.  People have gotten gear, but they still dont leave the BGs or do open world pvp beyond the brief warfield.

Should people be given gear?  No, but at this point would it really change anything?  Pvp should have never been about the gear to begin with.  Titles should never have been implemented, as if you were good your name would have been known regardless of some silly title.  Pvp should have stayed about bragging rights and the thrill of trying to out manuever the other team.

So again, even if everyone had all the gear they could ever get, people would not engage in open pvp anymore beyond the zerg mentality.

i don't think battlegrounds served the purpose of "gearing up faster so Nagafenians could engage in overland PvP", but to offer PvEers PvP-lite.

battlegrounds/warfields (in their current state) still serve as the easymode guarantee which nullifies the difficulty of coordinating a successful overland hunt.

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