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I don't believe making a new server will bring back that many of the pvp players from ages ago.  New games have come out that have captured some of their attention, some have grown tired of games in general, others in the company.  Also realize that the 'golden era' was a few years back, so there is going to be loss from the players that were then in college and now have commitments outside of the game.

I look at this much like I did eq1, pvp was great in the get go, but as expansions and new skills/aa came about and characters left for other games, its value decreased as well.  I wouldnt want to stop them making something that would definately increase pvp playability, but I am of mind that at this point, EQNext is our best hope. . . . if they dont turn it into a BG only game from the start.

Unless they follow the path of every other game that has recently come out with the one button dumbed down everything macroed pvp...

laughing my posterior off my dear peer

i agree that MMO vision in the industry, as a whole, is likely doomed.

1-2 hotbars of spells/CAs is so durn annoyingly simplistic.

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