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Server: Nagafen

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crazyeyes321 wrote:

Naggy isn't dead.  Naggy is just logged into the battlegrounds lobby.  And those that arent are either grossly outnumbered or cant find the few stragglers out questing.

T7 server wont fix anything, people will still be out in bgs.  People will still stick to one massive zerg side.

Accept that everquest pvp is doomed to remain a minigame diversion now, because any real effort for a decent everquest themed pvp or rvr is gonna be towards EQNext.  Hope they learn from past mistakes that they and others have made, but Im fearing it will be another bg system that all other games are adopting.

How is that?  Battlegrounds didn't exist back then.

Raid pvp existed but was uncommon compared to pocket small groups pvp.

Honestly I would love a roll back to this.  By far the greatest pvp this game ever had was this tier.  You could start pvping in just MC gear right from the get go.  

This literally was the peak of excellence for pvp players in this game and I would be all over it.  I have read some comments about fixing pvp as it is now but are not all of these crazy gear imbalances we have now due to supposed fixes?


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