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Nikelo wrote:

7foggynites wrote:

Terrible idea. This is one of the few things keeping this server alive. Most players don't like to get ganked randomly while doing a quest in the open-world. Having a merc to back you up keeps you playing. This is all too important for new players too.

There's no magic pill that'll make Nagafen thrive again. EQ2 has lost a lot of its population over the years. Newer and better games have come out. Only EQNext has any realistic hope of reviving population, but the revival will not be in EQ2 or EQ1.

But slowing the population decline can still be accomplished and it's the best thing SOE can do with Nagafen (and EQ2).

I'd like to preface what im about to say by calling you a complete idiot whose points have no merit in this thread at all.

We are talking about mercs in pvp being overpowered, we arent talking about population control on pvp servers. Are you able to comprehend the idea behind the topic of this thread? Are you able to stay on topic? I wish you would throw yourself in front of a train.

Let me give you an idea of how this works. Try to stay on track here, ill put it in simple steps for you. You are about to engage another player in pvp battle in the open world. Neither of you have a merc summoned. You engage said person but they dont engage back, they run about 50 meters away and pop their assassin merc. They then re-engage you but only for a second, because their assassin merc mortal blades you for 3500 of your 4000 health. PvP over.

Does that sound like its helping the population of a pvp server? Anytime you engage someone in pvp if they have a merc you are required to kill their merc before you even bother with the player, because the merc will do 10x the dps the player will (unless they are an op beastlord, but thats a different topic).

+1. Its such utter BS that the devs have let this go on for this long.

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