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thephantomposter wrote:

Maybe someone can help me with this, I thought I remember naggy being up there in population/load with AB? or top 3?

If so, then the decline in naggy is not equal to the other servers, it seems to me it declined much faster which is around the time WFs and then BGs were implimented.

I could be wrong with this, anyone?

I know Naggy used to be one of the more populated servers, generally right up there with AB. I don't know when or why the population began to decline faster than the others, assuming it actualy did.

It's possible that BGs had a lot to do with the decline, tho. After all, I can easily see a lot of people making the same decision I recently did -- why bother with Naggy, when you can get all the BG PvP you want on a Blue server & not have to worry about leveling up while doing it? Heck, you practically don't need to worry about leveling up on Naggy as it is, because of the near-total lack of open world PvP.

Instanced PvP is boring as heck. I'd far rather put up with "griefers" ganking me in the open world, than deal with yet another instanced faction/token grind. But apparently, most Naggy players these days disagree, & that's sad.

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