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You would be surprised how many of us would go bluebie if they'd remove BGs from Nagafen. It wouldn't revive PvP, it would just create a new Vox.

and just as many of us that went blue in protest would come back. Plus then there would be open world pvp again which would attract new people because that is what real pvp server is.


EQ1 had many open-world PvP servers and they all slowly died until they were merged together.

Additionally, they had very small populations compared to the PvE servers.

Adding more open-world PvP is the worst possible action they could take.

This may not be true for PvP-centered MMORPGs, but EQ1/EQ2 are PvE-centered.

Honestly, the only advantage of open-world PvP is its griefing potential. And that's just sick.

get out of the pvp section of this forum. now. You dont like pvp and dont do it so, leave.

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Devils, Every second of effort you've ever put into this video game has resulted in sheer failure, having you saying you just need a good monk is comparable to a [Removed for Content] saying you just need smarts.
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