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Has anybody else been seeing this tactic being used a LOT lately?

Someone mentors down to a much lower level, joins a group of 2 or 3 others, and then lingers in the area of an ongoing fight and just waits on an area affect to make them agro so they can one shot everyone.

You can fight back against the non mentored members in the group that are in your natural level range, but your hands are tied on what abilities you can use since one area affect means instant death to the 3 up arrow mentored exploiter, while they are free to do anything they want.  And in addition to that, you have to dismiss your mercenary for fear that he might do an area affect of his own, while they are free to use thiers.

Why is this even possible?  Its as if the PvP range is being almost totally ignored now with mentoring, since the mentored person fights with a MUCH higher affective level than his mentored level. And to make it even worse, you actually lose infamy to this tactic, as if you ever stood a chance to begin with.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone is seeing this happen more and more, and getting as tired of it as I am.

It completely ruins any pretense of playable PvP, and it really needs to be fixed ASAP.

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