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ya ive reported the guild sound of fury or whatever there name is for Exploiting the KP WF & and EL WF with using immunity and camping in and out..seams Soe dosent Care at all cause i still see them doing it!...ide like to take a second to point out that the Qeynos side obviously dosent want to PVP they jus want there PVP rewards...the pop advantage is so frickin out of controll they log in every other hour Zerg the 2 towers then leave right after...also using exploits to win...way to fear the whole 1-2 fp grps vs x4+ of Q or even more...soe needs to do like planetside did ...when 1 side outnumbers the other by that much...FP should get a massive boost to hps and of now pvp in a WF is not fun ...and the random chance u do find someone to pvp ...they jus run to the Q zerg...or another exploit that people use is /lonshowroom to save infamy...and basicly free evac! its rather sad state of PVP...and Q are to blame! easy mode tokens FTL....

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