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Arckon wrote:

 It's funny to me that everyone has the same answer to this. Ya I did make a choice to go exile but that does not mean that when I am beating three people at once on my troub they should be able to call in there level 92 friend to come on shot me. You say I should level to 92? I have three level 92's but I enjoy the lower tiers as well. Truth be told I think most people on nagafen could not handle being in exile they need there herd to hug in WF's. God forbid you should be caught in the open by yourself.....Though I am guessing that the two of you just sit in your guild hall or run BG's in the fear of someone finding you alone in open world and rolling you.

Who is your 92's? I run solo 99% of the time and would make no difference if I was factioned or not. TL;DR

less QQ more Pew Pew

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Devils, Every second of effort you've ever put into this video game has resulted in sheer failure, having you saying you just need a good monk is comparable to a [Removed for Content] saying you just need smarts.
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