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[email protected] wrote:

 Working as intended... Any good healer knows to preward, use hots, use reactives before combat starts. So definately not an exploit just a game mechanic that has allways been there. Try to adjust and enjoy the game.

Exactly....the reality is quite simple this is a fix in search of a problem.  On a side not this is how gear seperation got someone who got steamrolled in pvp by a smarter group...not gear imbalance..not broken the smarter group...same thing is happening here....yet another dps class looking to nerf healers even more in pvp because they either cant fanthom how to play smartly smartly with the current mechanics and seem to get agitated when they cant 3 button anyone in pvp (tbh no one should be able to 2 or 3 button anyone in pvp but thats not the case anymore regardless of the pvp update but thats another argument for another time.

Players need to stop complaining and looking for a nerf with ill conceived and poorly thought out ideas when they lose in pvp otherwise this type of argument will only exacerbate the feeling amongst healers to stop logging in to play them in pvp.

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