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Not an exploit, but expect a "fix" now that attention has been focused on it. 

 I personally think the nerf to DG should have gone along the lines of reducing the heal amount instead of limiting the triggers, but maybe thats just me.  

DPS is so crazy in a good stacked group that abilities like DG make you have to strategize, which is a good thing imo.  Plus it provides the illusion of being competitive for those that aren't.    The group will still die if they suck...but in 25 seconds instead of 5 so hey...big deal. 

Anyway...for what was intended with the nerf, i would have to agree with Acolass.  Even the suggestion on how fits.   Soulward was nerfed way back when and it's usefulness was the same in PVE as DG.   Well guess was nerfed anyway.  


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