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latesttoon wrote:

i didn't expect to get support from novice pvp clerics lol

I'm pretty sure you arent getting any support from any class pvp or otherwise...thats what happens when you play the boy who cried exploit without substantial information to back it up.

PS, of the 4 names u listed as yours both acolas/acoloss are non existent, vaco is a lvl 1 troub and soloca is a 90 defiler according to eq2u(I can assume you prob have more alts that are not listed and have opted out of allowing your whole account to be seen).  As someone with a highend healer your complete and utter lack of understanding of global mechanics is appalling...especially considering the same effect that clerics will get prior to being engaged in pvp with DG can be said of shaman wards, druid hots (insert any class here).  But hey keep believing you know more then the people who actually play the classes you get beaten by.

wow, you still don't even understand after all this?

Here was the PVP update for Qeynos Rises

Divine Guidance now has a max trigger count of 10 when cast in PVP combat.

If you actually pvp'd, maybe you would know what this was all about... it seems it''s your lack of understanding that is the problem here .. i apologise for not being more clear, i assumed for a short while that you actually did understand pvp mechanics.


p.s. what has who i am got to do with the price of fish? you asked who i play, i told you

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