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I enjoyed your post. Either/or is my opinion. A healer can keep themselves healed through some significant DPS, keep their group up or DPS but not any of the two at the same time. If a healer is grouped and getting stomped by some DPS classes it would be up to his group to protect him and let him heal the group or they go down and he continues to heal himself. it shoud be startegy on both sides. Same as sorcerers they shuold be able to survive or dps but not both.

Thanks.  I agree too, there has to be a tradeoff somewhere.  If the sorc specs for tanking pvp their damage should be reduced considerably.   If a healer goes into 'offensive' stance from the shadow tree it should reduce healing considerably but also considerably up the DPS.  Switching stances in combat would allow more strategy, possibly making them instant cast with a cooldown so you couldn't pop to heal stance cast a heal and pop back to dps.  There's so many things they can do to make it more strategy based and skill based, and we know SOE is good at revamping the entire game mechanics in one update so why not just change the entire thing in the next patch SMILEY

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