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As for in combat rezes...I have to strongly disagree with you on that.  This is a non issue plain and simple and yet another example of a fix in search of a problem.  I'm not sure why you believe this is the single biggest reason why pvp fights lasted so long before.  Before gear seperation, the main reason pvp fights lasted so long was basicly gear...players tailored this gear set up with a mix of raid and pvp gear...and while the devs finally admitted that gear seperation was probably the biggest error they ever made to pvp (long after the community basicaly told them what the end result would be) it is by far not the only nerf in pvp that needs to be undone (aka cure nerfs and proc nerf).  Spawn time is fine as well for reviving.  The problem I have been seeing with pvp nerfs and ruleset is that the dev team and sadly way too many in the open world community are looking at these problems with the rose colored glasses of battlegrounds in mind and hate to break the bubble but open world pvp and battlegrounds are 2 entirely diffrent rulesets and issues.

In combat res just shouldn't be such fast recast.   You have no idea how long it takes to set up a strategy, to time the entire groups temps at one time and use them in a fashion to burn one member of the opposing group down fast, finally to get them dead and poof they are instantly back up again.   I do believe this is why fights lasted so long before.  I've had hour long fights group vs group which is fun, but there's 20-30 kills during that period and they just keep resing, or reviving and running back.    Obviously I'm only talking about world pvp which most of the population has probably never experienced, but still.    it HAS to be a long fight so you can use every ability you have, and try and use strategy to win.  Having well timed cc means win or lose most of the time. Knowing how cc immunity timers work (which are broken now) was essential.  You couldn't just stun stun stun stun stun non stop in a row on someone because they got immune, so you had to stun, then stifle, then interrupt, then stun again, knockback, mez, fear, repeat and time it so they weren't immune; You had to know when to dispel buffs (like druids can dispel, and crusaders used to be able to).  That was what won , now it's just mashing buttons.  

I go into a match on my cleric healer and all I do is spam the normal group heal over and over and the small target heal because nothing else does anything. Divine guidance 2k? it's a endline aa and it does 2k with 10 ticks for the entire group? useless, normal reactive 1k non crit, not even worth casting.   While an assassin can press 2 buttons and do 40k damage in les than the cast of one of my heals.  Warlocks can hit the entire group for 20k each at a time.  

You can't expect to kill a healer if you don't cc it.  You can't expect to be able to cc it if people are constantly spamming ccs on it making it proc immunes.  Can't expect to mez someone if they are loaded up with dots , you have to strategize, have a bruiser yank a healer away from the group even 10 meters and then mez it, then fear it, etc while you burn down one of their group members.  All that strategy seems to be gone now. 

If the devs want to make it more skill based they need to actually change the entire spells how they work in PVP like they did with some of the tank skills where it does a completely differe thing in pvp vs pve like doom judge.   Spiritual leadership in PVP just giving an example here should only proc if the shaman successfully lands a melee attack, shroud of armor should have to maintained somehow, we need more abilities for every class like stonewall where it blocks incoming attacks for a few seconds.  

You know the game really wasn't that bad in TSO when we used raid gear for pvp, it was just there was too many bad players and anyone without the raid gear was at a huge disadvantage which was bad. 

How about this.. Remove crits entirely in pvp, there's no reason for them anyway.  There's no reason for a 'chance' or 'luck' modifier.  On top of that there's absolutely NO reason for the ABSURD DPS people do in PVE. Why can't you just lower the health of the raid mobs and keep everyones DPS closer to PVP DPS so it's easier to balance?  That's another thing that makes no sense, it really does not matter at ALL what your DPS is as long as the health of the mobs are adjusted to fit it.    Having such a huge disparity in pve/pvp skills is causing things like what we see now where the crit bonus just falls off.  Why do all this complex math when you could just make both pve and pvp the same with the exception of some cc abilities where they would last a long time pve but duration is shorter in pvp. Maybe the marketing people want to give people insanely huge dps parses to keep them happy?   It's just a relative number , the actual # means nothing by itself. 

I really do love this game and I hope they balance it out more for skill based than whoever has the best gear.  I do agree gear should make SOME difference but it shouldn't be to the point where the other person has absolutely no chance, ever.    In SF the amount of heal procs on gear DPS and tank classes could use was a big reason of long 1v1 fights.  I, personally, would love to have more 'temps' or 'cooldowns' or 'counter abilities'; things like stonewall, spell reflect, detargets, detaunts, even like 2 second mez; this takes skill to know WHEN to use it and if you use it at the wrong time that could cost you the fight, but at least you know why you lost and it's something you can strive to get better at.  But when you get 1 shot or 2 shot and there's just nothing you can do, it's VERY discouraging. Everyone just says 'get better gear', but the months it takes to get better gear you get tired, upset, frustrated, because it sucks doing it.   

I still think TSO was one of the best expansions PVE wise, and also PVP wise provided everyone had the same crit mit. (if they had just removed crits in pvp entirely in this expansion it would have been perfect [ except heals still had to crit or they would be too low ] ) Even before TSO it was good, but fights were too short then.  Mostly ganking was going on SMILEY A good example of balance would be the paladin class in TSO. It was low DPS (took a while to kill someone even if they didn't heal at all) but very hard to kill so it balanced out, until everyone got gear with massive heal procs then it wasn't possible to kill anything any more.

Wow that's a huge wall of text! hah.. I've played multiple handfulls of MMOs and I have a very good idea of how things should be balanced.   I've beta tested many, made suggestions, most companies seem to not listen.   These are after all, games, and being a game, we want to have fun playing it, and when it's not fun, we unsub.  Fun means hard fights, i actually ENJOY trying to figure out a raid boss even if it means wiping 10 times in a row because each time we make progress that is noticable and we figure out what is wrong and fix it.   

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