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You can't force people to pvp open world by removing battlegrounds or somehow trying to control the way players play.

I also don't think mechanics of how rewards are earned should be the primary reason to encourage people to participate in pvp.  In the long run people will still lose intrest.

The emphasis needs to be on simply making it more fun by doing things like latesttoon suggested above me.  Creature spawns or other types of events that give players reason to go out into the open world.  DCUO has some really good ideas for open world pvp that they are adding in their next DLC, so maybe EQ2 will be able to get some ideas from them.

Also, I don't actually play on the pvp server, and I've already started over from scratch several times over the years of playing EQ.  I moved from AB over the Freeport during EQ2X times, and before that I moved a few other times due to moving to europe etc.  I'm not willing to start over completely from scratch again, but I think pvp has reached a point where I would enjoy it in EQ2 and if I could I would move over to Nagafen.  I imagine many other players would be willing to reconsider pvp at this point.  I understand the hesitation in allowing players to transfer there, but I think it's worth another look trying to make it possible.

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