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Luanne wrote:

It's fairly simple..  A healer should be able to heal through 2-3 DPS classes hitting it, as long as they don't use ANY CC or ANY interrupts.  

Soon as they CC, the game changes.   If a healer can't heal the amount that 3 or 4 dps classes put out then they are usless at keeping a group alive.  And I'm talking about AOE dmg not single target here.  Tanks got nerfed also so it's even worse because they can't keep people off the healers as long as they could before (and heals don't have distract except once every 2-3 mins, so tank nerf also hurt healers)

Fights SHOULD last 30 minutes if nobody in either group cc's and just lets everyone freecast.   Group vs group is about focus, skills, strategy, not just press a few buttons and they all die.    If you focus your cc correctly, and focus down targets 1 by 1 , you win.   This is how you use skill to play.      Game isn't supposed to be balanced around healer vs dps class.  It's group vs group.  

I agrees shaman are ridiculous OP with passives, they barely need to do anything skill wise.  Force them to cast something to keep the passives running :/ 

Also, it looks like the CC immunity timers are not working like they used to.   They are supposed to give you immunity to the type of cc used on you for 2x the duration of the initial cc so if it's a 5s stun you are immune for 10s to stuns, however I'm being stunned NON STOP 5-6 times in a row with no immune so it makes it impossible to cast anything.  Same thing with interrupts, every time you are interrupted it's supposed to immune you for 5s, doesn't seem to be working.

Cures NEED to be back to normal recast.  They are essential and having a 30+ second recast on a group cure is just ridiculous when the dets can stack up in few seconds.

The ONLY things I think should be nerfed, and it should have been nerfed a LONG time ago is in-combat res.  The in combat res should have like a 30 minute reuse timer in pvp.   THAT is why groups vs group lasted so long before, every time 1 person die they just get res again due to like a 1 minute reuse in combat res.    Also if you die in pvp the SPAWN timer at the graveyard should be a minute or two and then when you res you don't have sickness (basically it includes the entire spawn timer + res sickness timer)  so you can't just run back and zerg.

As for crit heals in pvp, the crit bonus got nerfed into the ground, so even if the heal DOES crit, it only does so for 50% more than the original becaues crit bonus is 130% base, plus pvp crit bonus is nerfed so much it comes out to like 20%ish crit bonus even if you have 300% PVE crit bonus, so heals do 150-160% more? that's really not that much considering.   Wards aren't affected as much obviously because their crit bonus multiplier is different.   So making heals crit again would be great, it would simply be the same as buffing the base healing, which is HORRIBLE right now even with 250% potency.

Bottom line:  Put heals back how they were, fix cc immunity timers, change in combat res and spawn times, fix magic damage

I enjoyed your post. Either/or is my opinion. A healer can keep themselves healed through some significant DPS, keep their group up or DPS but not any of the two at the same time. If a healer is grouped and getting stomped by some DPS classes it would be up to his group to protect him and let him heal the group or they go down and he continues to heal himself. it shoud be startegy on both sides. Same as sorcerers they shuold be able to survive or dps but not both.

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