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Kuulei wrote:

I gave BG's a go for the first time yesterday.  I play a warden and curing and healing is pretty ridiculous right now.  How the heck does one cure stacks of 10-20 dets PER group member and heal at the same time. 

At least I get a couple tokens for my deaths, I should have enough for my first 90 gear my Frostfell!

I'm not sure if you're playing in the lower or upper tier (guessing 90-92 per your gear remark though) so not sure if all of the AA curing options are open to you.  It is certainly challenging to cure and heal in BGs, that's for sure.  As a warden, at least, you have the option to pre-heal a wee bit with HOTs, so that can buy you a little time to cure.  Tunare's Grace AA cure is a godsend (if you'll pardon the pun) and pairs nicely with the group and solo cures.  Folks should also be using cure pots of their own in a pinch.  I personally think that our RESISTS should give us a chance to straight-up RESIST detrimentals, which is not a state that I've observed in the BGs thus far, lol.


After the patch yesterday, I have to say I'm happier with my healing capacity in BGs now.  Sure, I'm not going to solo heal a group taking fire from twelve wizards, but it's a good bit better than it was before.  One-on-one fights with other healers are rather glacial, though; just stand there healing self up while barely hurting opponent until teammates show up, lol.  Well, against other comparably equipped and skilled healers; there were quite a few opforce healers last night that I could take down easily who were underlevel or underdressed.  (Sorry if one of them was you, heh.)

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