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gourdon wrote:

The problem with the healers is that it is very easy to create a huge advantage for a group with multiple healers.  They really need to make it so healers don't stack so well, because it already is at a point where a couple of healers make it extremely difficult to kill anyone in their group.  We don't need to go back to the time when we would futilely beat on one another in a huge scrum with no deaths.  That was about as entertaining as watching paint dry.

Hmm so basicly you dont want healers to heal, cure, and rez...after these nerfs (I mean "adjustments") to healers we are already halfway there.  How bout we nerf all dps classes to hitting to negligable amounts not able to kill anyone solo say 1 -3 k range no longer critting.  I'll just leave that out there.

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