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Astornoth wrote:

Lets face it guys healers used 2 be OP before this update.How many times did U C wardens tanking far beter then any fighter?.Now it`s become far more balnced.keeping your group is not any more mendatory it`s a skill like for a dps 2 kill some1.At the end of BG U`ll C what healers cast 2 heals,group heal and group preheal(ward,reacative or hot) and what healer actually do something more and more important which one was beter protected by his figher.

If some1 think that he can do PvP with raid armor and live long and happy ...hehe...welcome into reality

/ps before this update I bearly ever plays my templar in PvP..even do I`m from Nagafen...there was no point inqs owns me by a mile in basicly everything..warden ? no competitions here.Now I can own a warden or inqs when it comes 2 heal parse (nice but nothing) but what it most important I can keep my group mambers alive longer(but not indefinitly) and it`s hard specelly I need 2 heal guys with raid armor,whou thinks that when they got 60k of hp they`are imortal .If U C some1 with that way of hp,specelly if he`s fighter..ouch...kick him asap ;P.Thougness FTW..speceally for your healer

This is funny, so all of a sudden you got good at this game overnight and all the healers forgot how to play.  Brilliant, your observational skills are astounding

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