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Dahmer wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

Crismorn wrote:

Both Shaman and Templar have ways to cure their group through passive means and shaman currently do half their healing with a passive AA buff so .. cmon now.  get real

If by passive means you mean manacure or involuntary gift you need to be aware that manacure if complete garbage with a proc rate of under 1% if for involuntary cure it will only cure trauma dots ae and give a moderate heal.

Pretty much this.

Involo gift is just worthless. On average i will walk away with maybe 5 cure procs if i'm lucky. Manacure will pase higher for me although it's NOTHING in comparison to Dog Dog cure, and of course i need a mage/bard/fury to put it on.

Cure procs from current gear are also worthless. Pancea/Soothing Signal they will proc but won't actually work if i'm engaged in combat. Which being that it procs cures, It's just worthless.

There are older items that you can pick up circa TSO/SF~ A wrist, and a charm that procs cures~ both parse decent but you take a huge hit in stats.

There is also baubble cures you can get~ A charm from the Sig line with a long recast~ You get an upgraded version of it from killing the last name in PoW, but i assume they share the same recast. There is also a ranged baubble cure from SF you can pick also, which has a pretty long recast as well.

With those things~ it simply isn't enough to keep up cures. Being a Templar in pvp it's impossiable for me to keep up with 6 stacked Elementals or Nox's that just completey destory not only myself but my grp.

Reactives do not trigger off dot ticks. I have actually ticked to death with Divine guidance..that's always fun.

It's pretty easy determining the outcome of every match. If i see ahead of time~  A stacked grp of mages + shammy, it's going to be a loss on my end.

Something needs to be adjusted with this healer nerf. It's by far isn't balanced between all 6 of us.

I can't be the only reading death reports with stuff hitting me for 10k-20k when my reactives are triggering for 3k.

This is directly related to the obsolete and broken mechanics regarding reactives for pvp and pve...and is highly unlikely it will ever be addressed as the dev team "knows" best even though most of us in the community have played this game longer than they have been employed and understand the mechanics better than them go figure.

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