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ratbast wrote:

[email protected] Bayle wrote:

Wards aren't OP. they're crap like everyone else's hots/reactives have become. Certain temps and passive abilities are what shamans had going for them, and still do because none of them crit in the first place. So basically SOE did nothing to curb OP abilities, just made the rest of our heals cruddy.

and cures are alredy nerfed enough in BGs. They're set on a longer recast for everyone. Dets stack up on you even if you have the spare cure.

how many levels does inq myth group cure fix?

we are not talking about an additive ability, these other classes have 2 (or more) times as fast curing power. thats what having 2 group cures means. if you dont think the extra group cure means anything, what about the 1st one? if 2 isnt a huge amazing advantage over 1, then how is 1 any better than 0? for a multiplicative advantage to be meaningless, the initial ability needs to be roughly of zero value, meaning cures dont help to begin with.

all you are saying is that cures dont matter. well the fact is that nonshamans cure the det loading TWICE AS FAST. so if they cant get them off either, atleast the dets are not stacking as fast!!! if det stacking is a bad thing, why wouldnt 2 group cures be awesome? if nonshamans cant keep them off, how do you think things work out for shamans? yeah they prolly dont mind having MORE dets on their group, as a fact of life, than the other healers. therefore shaman heals should be equal to the other healers.

you point about recast doesnt change anything unless both group cures share same timer in pvp. otherwise your point is meaningless as its equilized and all share the penalty, while retaining their original curing pecking order.

if you think 2 group cures isnt lightyears ahead of 1, in detriment hell group pvp, just propose all healers can only use 1 group cure in pvp. watch the reaction. your perspective on the value of curing is absurd. dets are unbelievably overpowering in pvp. if they werent, why would anyone bother curing them to begin with? in that kind of scenario, it makes sense for all healers to be equal in health healing. but the reality is that dets have teeth, and healers who are better at curing have a major advantage when health healing is nerfed. it just makes cures all the more important.

i dont mind having disparity in how well different priests cure, but the poor curers dam well better be better health healers. reducing EVERYONES ability to heal health just reduces the relevence of health healing overall, unfairly penalizing those who specialize in it while sacrificing better curing ability. just imagine it the other way around and everyones cures were put on a 10 minute recast timer. turning ppls primary niche/strength into crap wont solve balance issues.

for a marginal shaman to break into pvp would be a sad story. his gear is subpar and he needs to crit to survive 0.25 seconds, is getting stacked with dets. that is a losing proposition every time. gee im glad tokens are notrade.

i love going into a gears match with a crappy tank while the other group knows how to use dets. it means they will target me with impunity and bust my balls the whole match long, putting cc on me, target locking me, while my tank spams his damage cas. /smh yeah curing wouldnt help with that... (and no im not advocating more cures for shaman, just dont nerf their strength, health healing)

shamans are vulnerable to det attack. they dont also need to be vulnerable to health dropping to zero from unimpressive vanilla damage cas.

People need to remember that healers ability at curing was nerfed some time it stands the number of dets removed in one swipe via group or single target was reduced.   First this was never really explained why it was needed.  Second, this hampers the ability of single group cure healers far more that those with mulitple group cures, add in the problems that dets are hitting for more and thanks to heals being nerfed and you have a dangerous mix.

BTW some of the people complaining about the problems of heals/cures now are some of the same who tried to derail my attempts at bringing the cure nerf to the head of the problems with pvp when the update was still on test.

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