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thephantomposter wrote:

"1.) Removing WF/Bgs at this point in time will kill the server." 100% agree with this.

This statement does not make any sense to me. I played well after both were implemented. PVP started dying when these came into affect. Openworld was killed by these 2 things along with fast travel. Things like mercs and mounts added more nails to the coffin.

The server is dead, removing these will take the people that want real pvp out of hiding and then those who left to blue servers will come back. Might even get some who cancelled their subs back too.

As it is, people will stay in BGs and WFs no matter what they do for open world which creates a pretty desolate world. You might as well be on a blue server. Naggy does not deserve the term "pvp" server.

Take away those choices!

I think BG's need a nerf to where you can get up to the max amoutn of tokens in 5 bg's a day. After the 5 bg's, you can still do bg's for people who like them, but you get bare minimum reward, 5-10 tokens MAX.

Also, put tokens back on writs. Don't allow writ updates if you are in a raid, unless fighting another raid. Maybe spawn a writ giver in a random overland zone that has been known to have PVP, KP/fens/kj/jw/etc every couple hours. Maybe change the writs and get a time limit for them and receive a reward based on the amount of kills you've gained in the time limit. If the writ lasts 30minutes and you get 10 kills, you get 50 extra tokens. If the writ lasts 30minutes and you get 30 kills, you get 150 tokens. Just a random idea that popped into my head. I'm sure it could work somehow but it needs refining.

Kill warfields, they don't promote any sort of PVP, they just promote an easy way to get mass tokens for gear.

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