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"1.) Removing WF/Bgs at this point in time will kill the server."

This statement does not make any sense to me. I played well after both were implemented. PVP started dying when these came into affect. Openworld was killed by these 2 things along with fast travel. Things like mercs and mounts added more nails to the coffin.

The server is dead, removing these will take the people that want real pvp out of hiding and then those who left to blue servers will come back. Might even get some who cancelled their subs back too.

As it is, people will stay in BGs and WFs no matter what they do for open world which creates a pretty desolate world. You might as well be on a blue server. Naggy does not deserve the term "pvp" server.

Take away those choices!

The statement makes perfect sense.  People want things for free.  that is why currently Qeynos outmubers Freeport 10:1 at any WF.  Both during SF and now people have shifted between the PVP communities creating a very large population imbalance in numbers so they could get free welfare tokens and then come back at some later date.  The PVP servers had begun to decline long before WF.  Venekor remained dead for a long time loosing people to other games and blue servers were healthier populations afforded better raiding opprotunities.  

The Venny-Naggy-Vox merger and the subsequent WFs were a band-aid on already endemic issue - people were leaving pvp servers for other games and blue servers.  Alot of people went blue so they could raid and then "pvp" in BGs.  Many more left because "our" game was being completely ignored by the devs.  Closing  BGs and WF will not bring back players.  People have the option to open world pvp now.  I have seen 4 in several hours of roaming WL.  One with a merc, one duo team and 1 ranger that I had a decent fight with.

If people really wanted open world pvp they would choose to not que up and roam the open world.  People will go blue if these options are now removed.  You may not agree with me but that is far different from saying the arguement makes no sense.  shutting the main source of tokens off for people will not force the last few FP hold outs to come die repeatedly to 10:1 odds.  People will choose to go blue and very, very, very few people will remain here and then eventually fewer people will be here and the server will die.   

I certainly wish I were wrong but i do not see people coming back to Nagafen if these options are removed.  I know several that have stated they will leave the server as they enjoy interacting with the other servers in BGs as well as roaming the open world

Not gonna discuss dwindling population, EQ2 is just heading that way for many reasons, pvp or not. It's old but I still love it. I miss the risk in open world pvp.

I guess we both view our experience of the pvp server and those who use it differently. Those I played with left already because of what I have said and some said if they get rid of the BGs etc, they would come back. I am one of them.

This is how I view what is going, maybe I am wrong.

Population of a small town, number is not important. We have say 2 stores. Business flourishes, population is balanced with business. Open up more stores, same population, more choice of the same product. This means less people through the door for each business. You can see it in the forums, there are a few posts in BGs about population, Naggy is dead. Too many choices choices and not enough population.

If Naggy closes, it wont be from closing BGs, it will happen because people cant pvp on a pvp server. Might as well be on a blue server.

Oh well, gonna leave this horse alone, poor thing is almost beaten to death SMILEY I do think I am right, heh heg wink and the devs prob do not agree with me. So back to my toons on permafrost

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