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Please don't get out of line of saying things like remove exile's from being able to do anything, or things that will never happen such as removing birds and luxuries out of the game. If you know soe would never even think about removing it, or adding it for that matter, don't blow false steam please. This is not a bash the other player thread.

Simple Idea's enjoy to hate

1. Remove Bg's and Wf'S

2. Add questline's and events Worth bringing players out on a consistant bases

3. Give 60 tokens per kill, and +10 for a 10 kill streak and +10 for every 10 kills after, until they players kill streak is lost.

4. Change the ganking of infamy to ratio's of how many were actually fighting, 6:1 player loses nothing, 6:2 player loses 1 point etc...bring back some solo players

5. Give back notoriety to players but do it on the welcome screen to create a hit list basically of who the top ten or twenty most notorious players are that day/week whatever, so if they are found and killed by a solo player they lose there name off the list, or lose where they stood on the list.

6. Lower immunities to a resonable level when you zone in somewhere 15 seconds should give people plenty of time to figure out what to do. Don't do it on revive, make it until sick revive is gone.

Open to all Logical suggestion to bring back player's to the open world on all three faction.......

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