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I'll put my 2c here, and I know a lot of people would probably disagree, but I think one of the things that would help pvp is resetting the server once a year. I know, crazy right? But what makes pvp the most fun? People running all over the place, questing, running dungeons, leveling, hunting opposing players...this helps promote what I shall call "organic pvp". None of this BG's or Warfields. Organic pvp is the best kind and sadly, becomes less and less as the server ages, people get stuck in thier guild halls and instances oogling their sweet gear and titles.

I saw the pontential in this when I tried out the Freeport f2p server and there where sooo many people running all over the place in all the zones. I thought, if this was a pvp server this would be like Nagafen back in the old days.

Oh well, I know this is less likely then getting a T7 server, but thought I'd share : )

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