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Yesterday, I attemted to buy 7,500 SC for 21,00€. But the payment servers where overcrowed and the transaction didn't take place. Today, when I saw on the SC payment dialog the offer 7,500 SC for 21,00€ I felt lucky and after confirmation the payment succeed.

But I received only 2,500 SC.

The dialog box for buying SC didn't mention the good amount of SC !!!!!And I have been tricked.

You have a good explanation for not mentioning the real amount of SC you are really about to provide to your customer?How can you be unable to display a purchase order that mentions exactly the same that your customer will receive?!!!

See the screenshot on this link, with the time sent by the ingame /time command.

If you only want to give 2,500 SC, write 2,500 SC.At the moment I edit the message the false mentions are still written in payment dialogs at least on Nagafen server where I bought my SC.

Do you plan to react quickly?



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