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Shredderr wrote:

but how much healing capacity do we give up by speccing to dps really ? Arent we a better healer by picking other options ?

Not as much as you'd think.

When you're a raid healer, no one's impressed if you can heal. That's all of 3 or 4 buttons in your arsenal. What you can do outside of healing, but still manage to pump out the HPS, is what makes you a skilled player vs a heal bot. Mystics have enough indirect healing capability that going full heals all the time is pretty much a waste of our class; they'd recruit a defiler or templar for your spot if healing was all they were looking for.

Me, personally? I go full on heals when we're facing a new encounter... and that's about the only time I ever grab that spec from my AA mirror. When I've got the mob knowledge and an idea of what my base priority should be, I tweak my role in the encounter to be as efficient AT BOTH heals and DPS as possible. I'm a mystic therefore I'm expected to do both simultaneously and do them both well.

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