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Syrah wrote:

I'm still working on the second question. The first guy I asked wasn't completely sure what “multi-res’” means.  There is a multi-res modifier in 3DS Max.  As long as the exported obj meets requirements, he didn't see a problem with it. Is this the right "multi-res"?

Another piece of advice was to export your model, then re-import it. See if it still meets your intended target. Apparently there are a number of potential issues which can be identified through this practice.

I assumed the OP meant N-gons (N sided polygons)  At least that is what the blender community calls it.

An 8 sided poly in traditional tri-fan fill = 8 faces. In N-gon mode, it is 1 face, like if you drew it in illustrator.

You (the Royal "SoE" You) did answer the question in so far as OBJ only supports tri's, so whilst n-gons might help the workflow, it is the output that counts.  So each N-gon side = 1 tri on output.  

TL;DR = use tri fan fill on polys with more than 4 sides.  all 4 sided polys = 2 tri's.

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