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floydbishop wrote:

I know that on Free Realms, a four vert face (polygon) gets converted to two tris (triangles) upon conversion to the in engine model. I would suggest sticking to tris if you can.

Same thing happens in EQ2. No matter the face vert count, it ultimately gets broken down into triangles in game which is what our limit is based on.Also, rezing up (particularly via things like mesh smooth) to use a reduction tool to bring it down doesn't often work as well as it sounds on paper for reasons you mentioned and just maintaining a clean model. It reduces alright, but the reduction isn't always pretty and you immediately feel compelled to clean up the mesh. I'd recommend building and adding resolution where needed - with the poly limits we have in place, it's just wise particularly if you're planning your mapping approach as you build already (pinning UV borders prior to reduction/etc).Also, if we see models with unclean boolean intersections (loads of tiny tri's leftover usually) and lots of excess tri's as a result of procedural methods, we may decline it and ask for it to be cleaned up. The thinking overall is, is that the lower anything can be, the more anyone can use in their home!

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